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Modern Labs

Computer Lab

The school is equipped with the latest Computer Technology. Which helps the students to update the knowledge in the field of science and technology and enable them to learn practically. Students are regularly taught all the new concepts in computer technology and they are allowed to actively participate in the demonstration. Our specially trained computer faculty put all their efforts to make the child computer wiz kid.

Physics lab 
Experiment is the test of knowledge. It is the sole judge of scientific ‘truth’. Laboratory work is essential in the study of Physics.

Biology lab 
The study of biology provides students with opportunities to develop an understanding of our living world. A spacious and well-equipped laboratory with, models and equipment’s provides an ambience for the students to develop scientific temperament by enhancing their observation skills and analytical abilities.

Chemistry lab 
The chemistry laboratory is well equipped with various reagents and apparatus required to acquaint the students with various theoretical and practical aspects of chemistry.

Mathematics lab
Mathematics Laboratory is a novel concept which enables students to learn and explore mathematical concepts and verify facts and theorems. The laboratory has been setup with the intention to stimulate interest and develop favorable attitude towards mathematics, among the students.

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